Q: What kind of equipment do I need if I want to use your service?
A: You just need to have a LAN card on your PC. If you don’t have one, we can supply you (price: 10 BGN).

Q: Will I have an IP address?
A: Yes. You got a real internet IP address.

Q: Is it possible to have more than one computer connected to the network?
A: Yes. There are no limits about this. There is no extra charge as well.

Q: Are there any limits of the number of the sessions?
A: No.

Q: Do I get any discount if I prepay the monthly subscription?
A: Yes, you get a special offer. For more information please click here.

Q: Can I have a wireless connection?
A: Yes sure. The only thing you need is router / access point and a wireless card. We recommend you to protect your personal access with a password.

Q: What shall I do if I don’t have an internet connection?
A: First you have to check your internet connections.

Possible reason 1: If you see a message “cable unplugged” (at the right lower corner on your desktop), that means that the LAN cable is out and you need to put it back where it belongs.

Possible reason 2: If you have lost the icon that indicates the internet connection (1 computer icon for wireless connection and 2 connected ones for LAN type of connection) that means that you have disabled the connection. If you want to start it again, you need to go to the network connection and press enable.

For any problems you can always call our support team at 0700 196 69 and we’ll send somebody to fix it ASAP.

Q: What if I have troubles with the speed/signal strength?
A: Check your computer for any kind of viruses or if there are unknown programs trying to connect to the internet without your knowledge. We recommend you to use antivirus systems and Firewall.

Q: How can I pay the subscription fee?
A: At one of the following offices:

Sofia, Obelia 2 district, bl.252 B

Bank payment thru Point to Point's account in FiBank:
IBAN BG31FINV91501017377375
with your internet account name and address.